Health and Safety

It is the policy of PSA to maintain a safe working environment for all employees.  We ensure safe working conditions and the utilization of safe equipment, in addition to providing professional and periodic safety training to all employees.  We are confident that our professionals have the tools, knowledge and information necessary to carry out their assigned duties and responsibilities in the safest possible manner.

Every precaution has been taken for providing a safe working environment. The company ensures regular and periodic equipment and site inspections as well as holding regular and periodic safety meetings with all staff members. Common sense and personal interest in safety are the greatest guarantees that at work, at the terminal and vessel sites, on the road and at home we all remain safe. We are rigorous in adherence to our safety guidelines and regulations. Any willful or habitual violation of safety rules, will be considered a possible cause for dismissal. PSA is sincerely concerned for the health and well-being of each and every member of the company’s working team.